iTools download for iOS 11 and iOS 10- iTools 2018 Updates!

Download iTools 2018 for Windows, MAC and Manage iPhone, iPad, iPod running iOS 11, iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 10.2.1

iTools download is the best and better free alternative for iTunes. iTools supports any iPhone, iPad or iPod. This is a complete smartphone manager tool with one click app install, uninstall, backup, Contact manager, Device memory cleanup, Stat viewer, Data manage, backup and many more features than iTunes. iTools 2018 is the latest update you can download which has released for Windows and MAC as all previous. The best part is you don't need to install iTunes on your PC. Simply Download iTools and run. The latest iTools Download brings you the compatibility with iOS 10.3.2, iOS 10.2 versions and iOS 9 versions and with iTools 2018, it continues adding up support for iOS 11 for all the requirement of iOS management. Are you looking for iTools iOS 10.3 or latest iTools iOS 11 download?

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iTools 2018 Download for iOS 11

iTools 2018 is now available under the major iTools 4 Download as the best free alternative to iTunes in managing all iOS. The support of iTools 2018 is high for the firmware iOS 11 also offering a number of additional features. So you can enjoy advanced backups, data migrating, iTools Airplayer, Ringtone Maker, Battery Master, Icon arranger and more for best iOS management. And there is an updated files management feature from which you can nicely arrange all of your files in the system.

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iTools is being more and more popular among Apple users because it's simplicity and powerful mechanism. The new version iTools 2018 is also capable of all the previous functionalities and at the same time with added support. So above iTunes, Apple's own solution of management, iTools 2018 has unique features. Check below list for some of few highlighted features of iTools and you'll definitely go for iTools 2018 download for iOS 11.

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iTools developed and distributed by Guangdong networks. All credits are belongs to the original developer and we do not hold any copyright or responsibility of iTools. And just like the updated iTools 2018 now in work for all, there will be more updates in the times ahead adding up more functionalities.You can also download iTools directly on the publisher website.